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Discover our new Somerset range of wooden furniture. It's painted French grey with oak tops. We think you'll love it!

Dining chairs

View our wide range of dining chairs, including oak dining chairs, mahogany dining chairs, cherry dining chairs, leather dining chairs and upholstered dining chairs. Choose a fabric seat pad from our standard swatch to suit your kitchen or dining room colours. We can also cover seat pads in practical leather (if there's small children around!).

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  1. Somerset dining chair with solid seat
  2. Somerset dining chair with seat cushion
  3. Hudson button-back dining chair, linen
  4. Coco scoop back linen dining chair
  5. Hampshire cross back dining chair painted
  6. Hampshire upholstered back dining chair painted
  7. Skagen oak tall back dining chair
  8. Skagen oak tall back upholstered back dining chair
  9. Skagen oak tall back cream upholstered back dining chair
  10. Florence cherry dining chair
  11. Florence cherry cross back dining chair
  12. Florence cherry cross back carver dining chair
  13. Shannon cherry high back dining chair
  14. Shannon cherry high back carver dining chair
  15. Shannon cherry Chippendale dining chair
  16. Shannon cherry Regency cross back dining chair
  17. Wicklow mahogany Regency cross back dining chair
  18. Linear tall back dining chair
  19. Linear dining chair
  20. Linear panel back dining chair

Items 1 to 20 of 28 total

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  2. 2